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Local Action Group of the Fishing Sector Ría de Arousa set up as a unit mainly for its geography, a coastal ring that surrounds and defines the Ría de Arousa. It is the clearest example of symbiotic economy between land and sea in Galicia. It is made up of 11 city councils that bring together a total of 153.708 people on a land area of ​​425.8 km².
This area has a strong economic dependence on the sea, derived from fishing activities (marine fisheries account for 44% of the GALP's jobs) and tourist areas, which are largely linked to it. The set of spaces and protected natural resources that treasures the coastal zone, give coherence to tourism activity that relies on these as an important claim.
The town councils that form this group are: Boiro, Cambados, Catoira, O Grove, A Illa de Arousa, A Pobra do Caramiñal, Rianxo, Ribadumia, Ribeira, Vilagarcía de Arousa and Vilanova de Arousa.