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  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1: Promotion and diversification of Artisanal Fisheries, aiming at maintaining the activity linked to the sea, and the extraction of inputs from maritime activities (especially Artisanal Fishing) for other productive activities.
    • Specific objective 1.1. Maintenance of the activity related to the sea: One of the most effective ways to maintain the activity related to the sea, such as the extractive activities (fishing, shellfish, ...) is the search for complementary activities that allow the Generation of sufficient resources throughout the year for the maintenance of its activity.
    • Specific objective 1.2.  Extraction of inputs from maritime activities (especially of artisanal fishing) for other productive activities: Within this specific objective, several systems are sought, an improvement in the commercialization processes, through chain shortening systems and the transformation of Fishery products.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 2: Sustainable competitiveness of activities related to the sea, through the reinforcement of environmental and heritage elements (traditional, cultural material and immaterial), making their use compatible for diversification in new productive activities.
    • Specific objective 2.1. Compatibilization of the use of environmental and heritage elements for diversification: Environmental and patrimonial elements are important outputs for commercialization, mainly through tourism activities (diversification).
    • Specific objective 2.2. Reinforcement of environmental and heritage elements (traditional, cultural material and intangible): The preservation, conservation and recovery of the environmental and heritage elements of the territory are sought, as well as their dissemination throughout the territory, Future generations.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 3: Training and extension of the competences of the economic and social sectors related to the GALP of the Costa da Morte.
    • Specific objective 3.1. Entrepreneurship and business consolidation: This specific objective is to make available to people who wish to start a business or a business activity the tools and knowledge necessary for their idea to materialize and be economically, technically and financially viable. In addition, it is also intended to support those companies that have already started their activity but that their degree of maturity is slow or stagnant, with the aim of consolidating them in the market.
    • Specific objective 3.2. Acquisition of capacities essential for the diversification of the sea sector: The diversification of the fishing sector requires a series of knowledge as a budget prior to the undertaking of a new activity, complementary to the fishing activity, whether in the field of tourism or any other activity related to its fishing activity. These capabilities will focus on entrepreneurship and consolidation/acceleration of companies.