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EDLP Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: The mission is the general goal that will act as the last reference of the performance of the entity.

To promote sustainable growth, which generates employment, based on the identity of our sea and this Coastal zone, guaranteeing a model of government from the bottom up.

Vision: Vision is, in essence, an image that is projected in the future that is desired for the GALP. It is an "ideal" utopian factor that pushes the organization to act in an integrated way.

The future GALP Costa da Morte should be an instrument for the promotion of employment for youth from a focus on the sea, fishing and marine identity of the Costa da Morte, guaranteeing the preservation of their values.

Values: Any organization that promotes initiatives of a public or personal nature, is based on a series of values, which are a central element that articulates the definition of its strategies. These are inherent in organizations, but they are also a certain way of managing processes.

The achievement of the mission and vision of the candidate for GALP Costa da Morte will be based on the following values:

  1. Sustainable Development (Sea Sector): effective use of the natural and environmental resources offered by the sea and the coast in such a way that the promotion of economic development in the GALP Costa da Morte does not compromise future economic growth, the availability of these Resources, nor the environmental and natural quality of the territory.
  2. Preservation of the Marine Identity: elaboration of the EDLP of its strategic objectives and its lines of action since the marine identity of the territory is a variable that must go through any action of the GALP Costa da Morte.
  3. Intergenerational Solidarity: search for initiatives that will provide young people with quality economic and employment opportunities, without compromising the sustainability of coastal and marine resources.
  4. Horizontal institutional cooperation - new model of governance: creation and promotion of a new model of institutional cooperation between local institutions, and of these with the GALP Costa da Morte, as well as the search for cooperation between territorially connected GALPs (Fisterra).
  5. Equality and non-discrimination: the concept of equality means and recognizes that women and men are not equal in the sense of being identical, but we are equal in rights and we must be equal in opportunities; Each person is different but, it should be valued equally. This principle will apply to gender equality (especially in access to project promotion opportunities), but also to the treatment of cultural diversity (multiculturalism) and functional diversity.