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EDLP Mission, Vision and Values
Mission: the mission is the general goal that will act as the ultimate reference of the performance of the entity.
GALP Ría de Arousa intends to improve the living conditions of the people in its territory, revitalizing the fishing sector, preserving the environmental balance of the area and putting in value its cultural and natural heritage.
Vision: Vision is, in essence, an image that is projected in the future that is desired for the GALP. It is an "ideal" utopian factor that pushes the organization to act in an integrated way.
GALP Ría de Arousa wants to be a reference in the dynamization of the fishing sector and the territory in promoting sustainable development initiatives of this, also guaranteeing the governance and active participation of entities.
Values: any organization that promotes initiatives of a public or private nature is based on a series of values, which are a central element that articulates the definition of its strategies. These are inherent in organizations, but they are also a certain way of managing processes.
The GALP assumes the following values ​​as its own:
  • The importance of maintaining a strong and cohesive fishing sector in the territory, which reinforces its governance and is committed to a sustainable use of fishery resources and the marine environment, which allows to "live off the sea".
  • The uniqueness and quality of the products linked to the maritime area of the Ría de Arousa and the need for innovation processes that contribute to improve their use.
  • Cooperation between fishing and tourism activities, as a way of diversifying the local economy, which reinforces the commitment to the products of the area, with a strengthening of profitability for both.
  • The generation of employment, as the main concern, with special attention to the fishing sector, women and youth.
  • The principle of sustainable development in the use of the natural resources present in the territory, with the aim of conserving its wealth for future generations.
  • The reinforcement of the social identity of the coastal zone, through the conservation and valorization of the patrimonial wealth.
  • Cooperation and participation as tools that reinforce the social cohesion of the territory.
  • The "accessibility" and "social integration" of all people, with the impetus of a broad framework for its effectiveness.

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