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The GALP Ría de Vigo-A Guarda is spread over a total of eleven municipalities administratively assigned to four different regions of the province of Pontevedra.
None of the four regions that appear in its territorial scope is inserted here completely, so that there is no coincidence between the regional administrative map and its limits.
All municipalities included in the GALP Ría de Vigo-A Guarda have the common characteristic of defining the terrestrial limits of the Vigo and Baiona estuaries. It can be inferred that the criterion of inclusion is similar to that which defines the hydrographical cups, and that in this case it would cover the rivers Oitavén and Verdugo, in the bottom of the Ría de Vigo, and the Miñor in the one of Baiona, as well as other smaller ones (Fraga and Pontillón in the Morrazo, Alvedosa in the Ría de Vigo, and the Lagares and the Groba already towards the south).
The town councils that form this group are: Cangas, Moaña, Vilaboa, Soutomaior, Redondela, Vigo, Nigrán, Baiona, Oia, O Rosal and A Guarda.