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The beneficiary must certify the completion of the project and the fulfillment of the requirements and conditions that determined the granting of the aid within the period indicated in the resolution granting the aid.

The beneficiary must submit in the GALP registry, within the period indicated in the resolution granting the aid or until October 31 of each year, the following documentation:

a) Written in which requests the payment of the aid.

b) Report justifying the completion of the project. The objectives must be collected in the report. In case that the final payment is requested, information on the performance indicators provided for in Regulation No 1014/2014 should be provided.

c) Responsible declaration of aid received and requested for the same project, according to annex IV of the order of regulatory bases of the aids.(

d) Responsible declaration that the requirements to be beneficiary are maintained.

e) List of invoices indicating the invoice number, name of the issuing company and NIF, total amount with VAT disaggregation.

f) Original invoices and certified photocopies of the expenses incurred, together with the bank receipts for the payment of said invoices.

g) Certifications attesting to being up to date in the payment of their tax duties with the State, the Autonomous Community and Social Security.

h) Permits, registrations and / or licenses required for the type of activity in question must be submitted, together with the last request for payment, at the latest.

i) In the case of an action requiring a technical project endorsed by the corresponding official college, the promoter must attach to the first justification a copy of the summary of the budget by chapters and the memorandum of this chapter. In this case, certifications of work signed by a competent technician will be presented.

j) In the justification of the acquisition of machinery and equipment, a list of the subsidized equipment must be compiled containing a make, model and serial number or equivalent reference for identification.

k) In the justification of studies, technical projects, plans and similar documents, the promoter will provide a copy in appropriate computer medium to enable its dissemination. Copies should also be provided if there are books, brochures, guides, etc. If the grant is awarded for seminars or similar activities, a copy of the topics and conclusions will be provided.

l) In the case of assets registered in a public registry, the supporting documentation must be provided stating that the asset is allocated to the subsidy in the corresponding registry, at the latest, together with the last request for payment.

3. The financial returns generated by the funds released to the beneficiaries will increase the amount of the subsidy granted and will also apply to the subsidized activity.

4. The GALP will receive documentation justifying the execution of the selected projects, verifying that it is complete, stamping the GALP seal on the invoices and comparing the copies.

5. Prior to the partial or final payment, the staff of the GALP will carry out a material on-the-spot verification of the investment made in which it will ensure the actual existence of the property being checked, its adjustment to the project or rated value, its usefulness and functioning , Its coincidence with documentary justification, that the beneficiary complies with the advertising standards established for the FEMP and any necessary checks based on the subsidized investments or expenses.

The record of the material verification will be lifted within a maximum period of 15 days from the deadline for justification of the project.

The GALP staff, once verified the investments and the expenses, will issue a proposal of certification that serves as base for the proposal of payment of the GALP to the General Direction of Fisheries Development.

6. The GALP will send to the Consellería del Mar the requests for payment of the beneficiaries with the documentation proving the investment and payments made, together with the relevant reports.

7. Each certification presented by the GALP to the Department of the Sea must be accompanied by an audit report certifying the following points:

a) That the supplies of goods, services and, in general, the subsidized activity whose cost is certified were actually carried out within the established period.

b) That the expenses declared in each certification are eligible, are supported by invoices or accounting documents of equivalent probative value and are paid.

8. In the event that errors or legality are found in the GALP payment proposal, the competent department of the General Directorate for Fisheries Development will return the file to the collaborating entity in order to adapt the proposed payment to The legality in force or, if necessary, correct the errors or defects observed.

9. The GALP will keep and preserve the documentation supporting the certified operations, and guarantee that this will be made available to the control bodies that request it.

Payment, partial payments and advances

1. The Consellería del Mar will make the payment of the aid once justified in a documentary and material way the realization of the object of the subsidy and the eligibility of the expenditure. The amount of the aid will be paid by bank transfer to the beneficiary and in the amount corresponding to the projects executed.

In case the investment is justified by a lower amount than what is considered initially eligible, the aid can be reduced in the same proportion, provided that this reduction does not affect fundamental aspects of the project and does not imply a deficient realization of it.

2. Partial justifications may be made as the subsidized actions are implemented. Partial payments may not exceed 80% of the aid and will be paid in an amount equivalent to the justification presented. Payments are subject to the provision of guarantee in the terms indicated in this article.

A payment shall not be considered to be partial when it comprises the entire subsidy corresponding to a phase of the project that may produce independent effects, provided that it is expressly included in the resolution of the concession.

3. A resolution of up to 50% of the subsidy for the annuity, in cases in which the investment requires immediate payments, may be authorized by means of a reasoned resolution of the granting body and after the request of the interested parties. Prepayments are subject to the provision of a guarantee in the terms indicated in this article.


1 st. Advances that exceed the amount of 18,000 euros.

2º. Partial payments when the amount of the subsidy exceeds 18,000 euros.

These amounts are understood to refer to the cumulative amount of payments made, in part and / or in advance

B) The guarantee will be constituted by means of the presentation of a solidarity guarantee from a credit institution, which must cover 110% of the amount of the amounts paid into the account or anticipated, in accordance with the provisions of article 67 of Decree 11/2009 , Of January 8, which approves the Regulation of Law 9/2007, of June 13, of subsidies of Galicia, except in the cases provided for in article 65.4 of that decree. The guarantee will be deposited in the General Deposit Box of the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

The guarantees will be released after verification of the realization of the project or of the independent actions that compose it.

5. The aggregate amount of partial and anticipated payments, if any, granted may not exceed 80% of the grant awarded, or exceed the annual amount foreseen in each financial year.

6. The payment of the first and successive annuities will have character of income to the account and its consolidation will be conditioned to the realization of the object of the aid. In the event that the applicant does not comply with the required requirements, he will be obliged to reimburse the aid in the terms provided for in articles 37 to 40 of Law 9/2007, of June 13, of subsidies of Galicia.

Modification of the resolution and possibility of extensions

1. Any alteration of the conditions taken into consideration for the granting of the subsidy related to the concurrent obtaining of other subsidies and aids, failure to comply with the deadlines for carrying out the works, modifications affecting the project, variation of the approved budget, or any Another aspect that affects a substantial aspect of the resolution of concession, may lead to its modification or revocation.

2. The modification of the resolution of concession can be agreed at the request of the interested party, provided that the following requirements are met:

a) That the proposed activity or modification is included within the purpose of the regulatory bases and of the timely call.

b) That the modification does not cause damages to third parties.

c) That the new elements or circumstances that motivate the modification, if they were included in the initial concession, did not imply the refusal of the subsidy or the non-selection of the project in the initial concession.

d) That the modification does not imply an increase of the budget or the percentage of aid.

The modifications must be communicated by the beneficiary in writing prior to their completion and, in sufficient time, to the corresponding GALP which, after the checks it deems appropriate, will submit a proposal for modification of the resolution to the Directorate-General for Fisheries Development, which Will decide on its origin.

Modifications totaling less than 50% of the investment initially approved will not be accepted or approved.

3. In the case of aid to finance investments or expenses of different nature, the execution shall be in accordance with the distribution of the concepts of the investment agreed in the resolution of concession. However, without any need to call for the procedure for modifying the subsidy and where there is justified cause and the object and purpose of the aid are not altered, compensation for the amounts of certain items with the others can be accepted, up to 15% of the investment.

4. In the event that the beneficiary considers that he can not finalize the project or fulfill the commitments within the period indicated in the decision granting the aid, he may request an extension, up to one month before the deadline, to request an extension by exposing reasons for not being able to meet the said deadline, and submitting a report specifying the degree of completion of the subsidized activity and the new schedule of actions.

The collaborating entity shall submit a resolution proposal to the General Directorate for Fisheries Development approving or denying the requested extension. In case it is approved, it can not exceed half the time initially granted.

Failure to comply with the deadline will lead to revocation of the grant of the aid.

5. If, for any of the reasons set out in this article, changes in the file amount to a change in the distribution of the annuities contained in the initial resolution, the change shall be subject to the availability of funds in the corresponding annuities.