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  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1: Improving the competitiveness of the fisheries sector, creating employment and attracting young people, in particular by increasing the added value of fishery products, vertical integration, innovation at all stages of the fishing chain. Supply of fishery products; And ensure sustainable activity by promoting the efficient use of marine biological resources.
    • Specific objective 1.1. Improvement of the competitiveness of the fishing sector: to promote the development of actions to increase the added value of products, by-products and discards of fishing and shellfish existing in the territory considering all the stages of the value chain, with special attention to Innovation and the integration of marketing processes.
    • Specific objective 1.2. Attraction of generational change to ensure the continuity of fishing activity as a sustainable economic base in the territory and for the maintenance of culture and maritime traditions: to contribute effectively to the dignification of the seafaring professions and the education of the new generations in the world Sailor and its activities, increasing its attractiveness as a professional outlet.
    • Specific objective 1.3. Promote equal opportunities in access to activity at sea: lead the elimination of gender barriers in the sector within the territory of the GALP and promote the opening of these activities to all people.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 2: Creation of employment and economic opportunities through the diversification of the local economy of fishing areas into new economic activities, including those offered by blue growth and maritime sectors in a broad sense, favoring training, innovation And the promotion of employment.
    • Specific objective 2.1. Promote marine and sea tourism to become a new economic engine of first magnitude in the territory: the great wealth of marine resources and marine traditions and traditions in the area provide an opportunity for sustainable economic use through initiatives That contribute to generate employment, set population and attract wealth.
    • Specific objective 2.2. To promote the professionalization of the tourism sector and the integration of the offer to improve its competitiveness: in order to compete in quality with other tourist alternatives and to adequately complement the offer of marine tourism, it is necessary to have a hotel and professional sector and that operates under parameters Quality of service.
    • Specific objective 2.3. Encourage the implementation of other activities associated with blue growth with potential development in the territory: to explore the viability and suitability of the GALP Gulf Ártabro Norte territory for the implementation of other activities that allow to complete its orientation to the blue growth, to the margin Of aquaculture and tourism.
    • Specific objective 2.4. Facilitate the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives in the territory: proactive efforts should be made to identify the unmet needs and business opportunities in the territory of GALP Golfo Ártabro Norte, creating the necessary conditions to enable the establishment of new entrepreneurial initiatives in the territory.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 3: Promotion of the sustainable use of the environmental heritage of fishing areas, including operations to mitigate climate change and transition to a low carbon economy.
    • Specific objective 3.1. Combating climate change and its effects: raise awareness among the general population and especially the professionals of the sector on climate change, anticipate its effects and promote the implementation of preventive measures.
    • Specific objective 3.2. Maintenance and improvement of the natural environment: the way to guarantee a potential sustainable use of the environmental heritage is through an adequate monitoring, maintenance and improvement of this, promoting the performance of actions both in the marine and coastal environments to ensure that the characteristics that are their own.
    • Specific objective 3.3. To promote the development of patrimonial elements and sustainable productive infrastructures: to instill the idea of the sustainable construction and to promote projects of reform, improvement or construction of infrastructures of production of the sector of the sea under these parameters.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 4: Promotion of social welfare and cultural heritage of fishing areas.
    • Specific objective 4.1. Valorization of the marine heritage: recovery, cataloging and improvement of the marine heritage for the enjoyment of the inhabitants of the GALP and to open the territory to the sea, recognizing it as a source of wealth and life.
    • Specific objective 4.2. Compilation of the maritime memory: To promote the compilation of the toponymy, speech, traditions, history and legends of the maritime sector of the GALP for the consolidation of the marine culture between the new and future generations, and for its valorization as a resource for the marine tourism.