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EDLP Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: the mission is the general goal that will act as the ultimate reference of the performance of the entity.

To lead efforts and promote the will of the agents involved in the economic and social development of the GALP Golfo Ártabro Norte, in order to ensure a sustainable future for its territory and its population.

Vision: Vision is, in essence, an image that is projected in the future that is desired for the GALP. It is an "ideal" utopian factor that pushes the organization to act in an integrated way. Capitalize on the marine, cultural and tourist heritage as key variables for the growth and innovation of the GALP Ártabro Norte area.

Values: any organization that promotes initiatives of a public or private nature is based on a series of values, which are a central element that articulates the definition of its strategies. These are inherent in organizations, but they are also a certain way of managing processes.

The following summarizes the values ​​that guide and will guide during the validity of the present strategic plan the work developed by the GALP Golfo Ártabro Norte.


In order for this plan to have the desired effects, it is essential not only to count in its definition with the participation of all the agents of reference in the territory, but also its implication in its design as in its execution and follow-up, so that it assume as their own and seek the success of the stockings collected in it.


The route for the excellent use of the available resources in the territory passes through the generation of synergies between all the participating agents in the development of their projects, that must be integrated and with a vision of the whole, making of the collaboration and the cooperation signals Identity of the way of working that you want to promote from the GALP.


The high talent potential that exists in the outline of the GALP Ártabro Norte GALP should be exploited in order to find new ways of benefiting from fishing activities, considering in this light all the phases of the value chain and seeking in all they influence new methodologies, tools, technologies and approaches that bring new possibilities to add attraction, increase wealth and improve the quality of life for its inhabitants.


The development of economic activities in a manner compatible with the maintenance of a natural environment not only represents the best guarantee of continuity for the seafaring sector itself and for the whole culture of the area, but also enables the development of new associated value activities to this medium and helps to promote the quality of life of the current inhabitants and future generations.


Valuation and awareness of the importance of the seafaring world, its culture and traditions, in shaping the outline of the Northern Arctic Gulf GALP as we know it today is the way to achieve not only among the professionals of the sector but among the entire population the feeling of pride and belonging that constitutes a differential element when it comes to betting on the future development of the territory.


Education in the broad sense, considering activities of training, information and learning, has a nuclear character in this plan. Only through education can responsible citizens be formed that are aware of the role of maritime activities in the economic and social development of the territory, as well as the importance of the sustainability of our natural environment. Similarly, education enables the acquisition of new personal and professional skills that will have an impact on a more competitive and higher-quality offer of products and services, a fundamental element for differentiation.