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The Local Action Group for the Fishing Sector (hereinafter GALP) Ártabro Norte is a non-profit association set up under Organic Law 1/2002, of 22 March, regulating the right of association and the implementing legislation of the State and the Autonomous Community.

EDLPs designed and implemented by the local fisheries sector groups are the main instrument for achieving the fourth priority of the EU to increase employment and territorial cohesion through the following specific objective:

The promotion of economic growth, social inclusion, job creation and support for employability and labor mobility in fishing and aquaculture communities, including the diversification of activities carried out in the fisheries sector and in other sectors of the maritime economy.

The Local Action Group for the Fishing Sector (GALP) Ártabro Norte developed a participatory local development strategy (EDLP) for the programming period of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (FEMP) 2014-2020, which was approved by the Consellería del Mar .

The GALP is a collaborating entity of the Consellería del Mar in the double aspect of development agent in the application of the EDLP of the fishing zone and in the management and control of the aids that are processed for the development of said strategy.