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Mission, vision and values ​​of the EDLP
Mission: the mission is the general goal that will act as the ultimate reference of the performance of the entity.
The GALP Ría de Pontevedra wants to help improve the current and future living conditions and development opportunities of members of the coastal community in the area. It will facilitate the competitiveness of products and producers, the well-being of the neighborhood and the appreciation of visitors, by building a sustainable development emblem with the sustainable use of the resources of the sea, the coastal environment and the marine heritage.
Vision: Vision is, in essence, an image that is projected in the future that is desired for the GALP. It is an "ideal" utopian factor that pushes the organization to act in an integrated way.
The territory of GALP Ría de Pontevedra will be recognized, both by its members and from outside, as an example of regeneration and protection of the coastal environment, natural resources and coastal heritage and heritage. This commitment will become the main quality mark in the promotion of the products and services of the area, guaranteeing the improvement of opportunities, territorial cohesion and social welfare.
Values: any organization that promotes initiatives of a public or private nature is based on a series of values, which are a central element that articulates the definition of its strategies. These are inherent in organizations, but they are also a certain way of managing processes.
The GALP Ría de Pontevedra is an open, broad-based democratic organization that facilitates the governance and integration and active participation of all agents of collective representation: territorial, institutional, social and economic, both public and private non-profit , Interested in promoting the integral and balanced development of the coastal zone. As stated in its statutes, it will be governed by the principles of representation, observance of legality and internal democracy in its functioning within the framework of the Constitution and in the rest of the legal system by Organic Law 1/2002 of 22 March, regulating the right of association.
The actions of the GALP of the Ría de Pontevedra will be based on the following values:
  • Values of quality in the services offered by the GALP.

GALP Ría de Pontevedra as a collaborating entity for the management of public funds is committed to the following values:

  • Transparency in spending and equity in decisions and resource management.
  • Continuous improvement in the provision of services to citizens.
  • Cooperation and collaboration with other public and private entities.
  • Values inherent to the entity's inspiring governance:

GALP Ría de Pontevedra has the germ of promoting the governance of the territory and serve, therefore, as integrating agent of this, so it will act with the following reference values:

  • Promoting the participation of social partners and the empowerment of coastal communities.
  • Promotion of social and territorial cohesion and of vertebration initiatives.
  • Promotion of quality employment and social welfare.
  • Equality of opportunities, active promotion of inclusion and respect for diversity and non-discrimination, both in the actions promoted by the group as in those of third parties.
  • Protection of the environment, traditions and sustainable practices and heritage.
  • The commitment to sustainable, inclusive and socially equitable economic development.
  • It bets on innovation and all the fields of action of the GALP, for the improvements in the training and for the generalized access to the knowledge.
  • Values specific to the management of public resources:
    • The economy, efficiency and efficiency in public spending.
    • The relevance of the actions it promotes in relation to the defined strategy.
    • Consistency with the objectives of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.
    • The complementarity of this program with others who simultaneously act in the territory.

In the context of this strategy, the LAWG will ensure the transfer of these principles and values to all actions promoted from the group and aimed at achieving the following objectives that are the key to the strategy.

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