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  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1: Increase value, create jobs, attract youth and promote innovation and knowledge at all stages of the supply chain of fishery and aquaculture products.
    • Specific objetive 1.1. To promote the economic growth of the Ría de Pontevedra by intensifying efforts to promote products and improving all processes that integrate value chain activities, from resource management and extraction until the arrival to the consumer.
    • Specific objetive 1.2. Improve training and conditions for entrepreneurship in the fishing productive fabric, increasing training opportunities for workers and their employability, facilitating generational change, associative structures and entrepreneurship.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 2: Support diversification within or outside commercial fisheries, lifelong learning, job creation and improved social welfare in the coastal zone.
    • Specific objetive 2.1. Promote the use of territorial resources by strengthening the association of the sea heritage with opportunities for tourism, the dynamization of economic activity, and social and territorial cohesion.
    • Specific objetive 2.2. Contribute to the generation of employment by improving the quality of life and social and territorial cohesion.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 3: Promote and exploit the environmental heritage of fishing and aquaculture areas, including climate change mitigation operations, as well as contribute to citizen awareness in these areas.
    • Specific objetive 3.1. To foster ecological awareness and sustainable use of the environmental heritage of coastal zones for present and future generations.
    • Specific objetive 3.2. Promote initiatives to enhance and protect natural resources, reduce carbon footprint and mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 4: Protect and value cultural heritage as an emblematic resource in the Ría de Pontevedra, including the cultural heritage of fishing, aquaculture and maritime.
    • Specific objetive 4.1. To protect the cultural heritage, improving its identification and documentation and putting in value the resources identified, with the purpose of reinforcing the territorial identity and the value of the coastal zone.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 5: Encourage the cooperation and capacity of local actors to contribute to local development.
    • Specific objetive 5.1. To promote the exchange of knowledge based on the experience with other territories between public and private agents of all the sectors participating in the GALP.