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About us

The Local Action Group of the Fishing Sector (GALP) of A Mariña - Ortegal has a total of 47 partner entities, of which almost 40% belong to the fishing sector, while the public sector represents 27.7%. The social sector and the economic sector have the same number of entities, 8.

The partners of the GALP group a total of 2,865 people, a very significant amount of the population, 3.4% of the total population. If we take into account the entities of the fishing sector group a total of 1,408 people, which represents 69.6% of the working population in the sector of the sea.

There are 16 men and 14 women in the GALP Board, achieving almost parity, while in the case of the assembly women represent 38.3% compared to 61.7% of men. The presence of women in the Board of Directors and especially in the Assembly is higher among the entities of the fishing sector.

The following are the partner entities:

Partner entities