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  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1: Improving the competitiveness of the fisheries sector, creating employment and attracting young people, in particular by increasing the added value of fishery products, vertical integration, innovation at all stages of the fishing chain. Supply of fishery products; and ensure sustainable activity by promoting the efficient use of marine biological resources.
    • Specific objective 1.1: Consolidate the positioning of the fishery product of A Mariña - Ortegal.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 2: Creation of employment and economic opportunities through the diversification of the local economy of fishing areas into new economic activities, including those offered by blue growth and the maritime sectors in a broad sense, favoring training, Innovation and the promotion of employment.
    • Specific objective 2.1: To achieve an organizational and innovative model of development of the fishing sector in A Mariña - Ortegal that guarantees fishing and sustainable use of marine resources.
    • Specific objective 2.2: To create and consolidate a brand image of the territory of A Mariña - Ortegal.
    • Specific objective 2.3: To make A Mariña - Ortegal a differential tourist destination highlighting the potential of the marine tourism. 
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 3: Promoting the sustainable use of the environmental heritage of fishing areas, including operations to mitigate climate change and transition to a low carbon economy.
    • Specific objective 3.1: Provide new instruments that guarantee greater care of the natural and marine environment.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 4: Promotion of social welfare and cultural heritage of fishing areas.
    • Specific objective 4.1: To increase the coastal maritime heritage recovered and put in value.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 5: Strengthening communities in local development and governance, fisheries resources and local maritime activities.
    • Specific objective 5.1: Implement mechanisms for participation in the management and development of the aid program.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 6: Promotion of cooperation.
    • Specific objective 6.1: To increase cooperation between entities in the territory and outside the territory of the LAGG to reinforce synergy and networking, in the improvement of different sectors and in the development of fishing areas.