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  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1 | FISHING SECTORTo foster a more environmentally and economically sustainable fishing sector through more efficient management of resources and increased value added, diversification and innovation at the stages of the value chain linked to processing, distribution and marketing , aligning ourselves with the objectives of blue growth.
    • Specific objective 1.1. Promotion of an environmentally sustainable, resource efficient, innovative, competitive and knowledge-based fishing sector.
    • Specific objective 1.2. Sustainability of the fishing activity.
    • Specific objective 1.3. Empowerment and self-esteem of the fishing sector.
    • Specific objective 1.4. Promoting environmentally sustainable, resource efficient, innovative, competitive and knowledge-based aquaculture.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 2 | ECONOMIC DIVERSIFICATION. Promoting economic development through diversification of production, increased competitiveness, entrepreneurship, better job opportunities and alternative employment to work at sea, boosting the tourism sector and diversification in general of the productive activity of the territory, with its marine condition as a differentiating element.
    • Specific objective 2.1. Creation of synergies with tourism entities with competences in the territory.
    • Specific objective 2.2. Sustainability of marine tourism in the territory.
    • Specific objective 2.3. Economic growth and employment through improving the competitiveness of the destination.
    • Specific objective 2.4. To foster the creation of a quality tourism offer generating employment.
    • Specific objective 2.5. Boosting technological development, innovation and increasing energy efficiency.
    • Specific objective 2.6. Development of traditional crafts and trades.
  • STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 3 | NATURAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE. Improvement of the quality of life of coastal populations through the conservation of the environment and traditional culture and the rehabilitation and enhancement of coastal cultural and natural heritage.
    • Specific objective 3.1. Improvement of the environmental and landscape quality of the coastal contour.
    • Specific objective 3.2. Recovery of coastal cultural heritage.
    • Specific objective 3.3. Safeguarding traditional maritime culture.