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Mission: the mission is the general goal that will act as the ultimate reference of the performance of the entity.

The GALP will contribute to the creation of a sustainable coastal territory, with an intelligent, socially responsible and egalitarian specialization derived from its coastal condition.

Vision: Vision is, in essence, an image that is projected in the future that is desired for the GALP. It is an "ideal" utopian factor that pushes the organization to act in an integrated way.

The GALP will be a reference in the coordinated management of the development of the whole territory based on values ​​of economic diversification, sustainability and efficiency in the management.

Values: any organization that promotes initiatives of a public or private nature is based on a series of values, which are a central element that articulates the definition of its strategies. These are inherent in organizations, but they are also a certain way of managing processes.

The GALP Costa Sostenible must be identified as being:

-Effective in the management of available resources, promoting the capture of additional investments and enhancing the multiplier effect of FEMP aid.

-Creative, capable of devising and promoting innovative and intelligent initiatives, both in the public and private sectors, in accordance with the objectives of the EDLP.

-Impulsive and even provocative in promoting the values of its CSR policy, in particular those linked to corporate governance and sustainability.

-Articulator of the territory, as an entity capable of having a joint vision on the coast it encompasses.

-Participatory, using the entities that compose it as a network of social penetration, dissemination of values and initiatives and capture of ideas and decision making.

-Owner of an intelligent territorial specialization, integrated in the RIS3 strategy of Intelligent Specialization of Galicia, in particular through the following priorities (numbering of the RiS3 Galicia):

1.1. Sea valorization. Valorization of by-products and waste generated by value chains linked to the sea.

1.2. Aquaculture. Development of the aquaculture sector.

1.3. Modernization of the primary sector. Modernization of the primary sector (fishing) towards the sustainable improvement of farms and the generation of innovative products and services.

1.4. Modernization of the tourism sector and cultural industries through the intensive use of ICT to reach a competitive sector at European level based on cultural tourism and natural resources (marine tourism in our case).

2.1.Diversification of tractors sector. Diversification oriented to the creation of new processes and products of high added value that allow to explore new markets.

2.3. Empowering the knowledge economy. Impulse of ICT and TFE (essential enabling technologies) as a tractor sector.

3.1. Active aging. Application of new technologies to active aging, healthy life and personal autonomy.

-Collaborator at the supralocal level, with the participation in networks of work and leading collaborative initiatives with other GALP of Galicia and with European entities.

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