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The main criterion of cohesion of the territory is the trajectory of the last years, in which the application of Axis 4 of the EFF and the management of the GAC 4. The candidate association applied during the last years a model of territorial development that begins to generate its fruits, so we can say that there is an established work system that acts as a strong link of union, both institutional and social.

The territorial delimitation, which includes the Rías de Muros and Noia and the Corcubión, is marked by its physical continuity and a transitional orography between the Rías Baixas (areas of shellfish and beaches) and the Rías Altas (rugged coast areas).

The municipalities that form this Group are: Carnota, Cee, Corcubión, Dumbría, Fisterra, Muros, Noia, Outes and Porto do Son.